Book Three Teaser Chapter


In preparation for our meetings with Nikola Tesla, Tweak and I have been conducting experiments with the Chemo Electric Plasma Gun and attempting to transmit electricity across the laboratory without wires. I originally designed the gun to stun attacking animals while on safari. During my initial trials with the plasma gun I accidentally reversed two of the plasma generator wires and, to my amazement, shrunk our pet elephant Lucy to the size of a small dog. Quite the opposite of being stunned or sleeping, the tiny elephant became quite animated and upset at her miniature size. I then accidently pointed the device at Katherine, and she was reduced to a height no taller than a teacup. Fortunately, the effect was temporary, and both returned to normal after a brief period of time, though Katherine has not forgiven me to this day.

Nikola Tesla is interested if the plasma ray may be modified again in a manner that could help with his effort to transmit electricity through the air without wires. To test this possibility, I have acquired a mercury luminescence light tube from the inventor Peter Hewitt. If we can transmit electricity across the laboratory to the light tube it will excite the gas within and give off light without the aid of wires.

Over the past several days we have made several attempts at transmitting electricity with numerous changes to the gun’s electrical circuits but with no success until today when I switched the red Q wire with the white B wire to reverse the polarity of the Remo circuit.

After I switched the wire, Tweak counted down for our latest test. “Three, two one, fire.”
I pulled the trigger and the far end of the room briefly filled with blinding light.
Tweak jumped for joy, “We did it. We transmitted electricity without wires and lit Hewitt’s light.”
I stared at the table across the room as Tweak spun and danced. Then she noticed I was not celebrating and asked, “Daddy, what is wrong?”
I looked over at her and then back at the table, “Nothing”
“If nothing is wrong, why do you look so puzzled?” She asked.

I pointed across the laboratory. By nothing, I meant, there was nothing on the table where Hewitt’s lamp had been sitting only moments before. Tweak grabbed a magnifying glass and ran across the laboratory shouting, “We must have found another way to make the gun shrink objects.”
She reached the table and examined the top closely through the magnifying glass. Then she got down on her hands and knees and looked around the floor before standing back up and shrugging her shoulders. “Maybe we made the light bulb really really tiny.”
Now I became concerned that our latest modification may have turned the Chemo Electric Plasma Stun/Shrinky Ray Gun into a Chemo Electric Plasma Stun/Shrinky Ray/Vaporizing Ray Gun. This could be very dangerous indeed. After searching the laboratory a bit more and finding nothing, we decided to take a break and have a spot of tea while we discussed what may have happened to the light tube.

In the house, Katherine put on the kettle and stepped out to the garden to fetch some fresh mint leaves for the tea while Tweak and I sat in the study and wrote our calculations on the black board. We were in the middle of a discussion when Katherine came into the study with a beautifully prepared tray of tea and biscuits. I could smell the fresh mint as she crossed the room and placed the pot of tea and tray of sweets on the table by the blackboard. Then she placed a tube on the table next to the tea pot and said. “You are so absent minded. You left this glass tube in the garden. And look, it is all wet from last night’s rainfall. Whatever it is, I hope it’s not ruined.

Tweak and I looked at the bulb and then at each other.
I spoke first, “Tweak, this is a Hewitt light tube.
Katherine smiled, “Well there you go. I bet you have been looking for it all morning.”
I answered, “Not exactly.”
Tweak added, “We had one in the laboratory until two hours ago when we accidentally shrunk it.”
She held two fingers pinched together, “Now it is really really tiny, and we can’t find it.
I looked at Tweak and asked in a trembling voice, “Tweak, are you thinking what I am?”
She excitedly responded, “We actually have two Hewitt light bulbs and now we can do another experiment to transmit electricity.
I answered slowly, “No Tweak. I know for a fact that there is only one Hewitt bulb at the estate and the serial number on the glass is the same as the lamp in the laboratory. I think the plasma gun transported the lamp from the laboratory to the greenhouse.”
She jumped up and down, “That is brilliant. We have invented a Chemo Electric Plasma Transport Device. Now people can travel around the world in a flash of light.”

I should have been happy like Tweak, but something more bothered me.
“Tweak, this lamp is cold and wet, and it has not rained since last evening. This has been sitting in the garden overnight.” I paused, “I think we may have transported it through time to yesterday.”
At first, she looked at me as though I was daft but then a smile crossed her face and she shouted, “Yes, that must be it. That is even better. Let’s go back to the lab and see what else we can send back in time.”
Tweak’s enthusiasm was infectious to say the least, but I remembered my scientific training and answered, “No, first we need to determine exactly what we did and how we did it. Then, first thing tomorrow, we will set about to repeat the experiment and see if we can control both where and when we send an object.”

A few moments later a ball of light flashed over the table followed by a note appearing out of nowhere. I picked up the small square of paper. It was a page out of my laboratory notebook. “That’s odd.”
Tweak asked, “A note written on a page from your laboratory notebook  appearing on the table in a flash of light out of thin air?”
“No. Well yes, but not that. What is especially odd is this.”
I held the note up for Tweak to see. She immediately saw what I was referring to.
“The date at the top of the note is tomorrow and it is signed from us.”
“Precisely. Let’s see what we wrote. Or will write.”

Katherine shook her head, noted that she had no idea what we were up to now and was not so sure she wanted to, and left the room.
The note read:

Dear Thaddeaus and Tweak,
We did it. We ascertained how the plasma gun sent the light tube back one day in time. We have also made a few additional adjustments to control exactly where an object reappears. As proof, we are sending this note to you in the study yesterday.  Now Tweak and I plan to determine how to send an object back more than one day. Relax and enjoy the tea and biscuits and don’t think about the experiment or this note anymore today.

Regards, Thaddeaus and Tweak

P.S. Seriously, don’t think about this note any further today. That might change what you do this afternoon and have negative effects on the future. Just know that you will succeed tomorrow.
PPS Forget what I just wrote. Just carry on as though nothing occurred.

Then, a few minutes later a banana appeared on the table along with another note. This note was dated two weeks from today.

Dear Thaddeaus and Tweak,
We think we have done it again. By utilizing high frequency pulsed modulation at dual frequencies, we should be able to achieve translinear time wave synchronization that is strong enough to send objects to any location and to any time we desire. We are sending this banana to you from Saturday, two weeks from your current date. Hopefully this time the banana will arrive fresh and intact. This is our second attempt.

Regards, Thaddeaus and Tweak

PS The first time you do the experiment, make sure to connect the short green wire to the frequency modulator. We didn’t and it created a tad bit of a mess. We are still cleaning banana bits off of the laboratory walls.
PPS Forget what I just wrote. If you do anything differently that we have, it may have negative consequences on the future.
PPPS In fact, forget you received this note.  But first, place it in an envelope in the top right drawer of the laboratory desk.
PPPPS Thank you for following the last direction. I just found the note in the drawer and now know for certain that we succeeded.
Final PS Go about your business as though nothing has happened. Keep calm and carry on. It all works out.

Tweak and I have continued to work with the plasma gun in preparation for our trip to Tesla’s lab but, try as we may, we have not succeeded in transmitting electricity to the light tube across the laboratory. On the other hand, we have become quite skilled at sending objects to specific times and places in the past. We verify this by sending them to locations about the estate grounds and then going to retrieve them. We typically transport food. That way, by measuring the degree of decay, we can tell with some certainty how long the transported food has sat in its new location.

We now have two issues left to resolve. First, we need to devise a way to return transported objects back to the present time. And second, we need to determine why the objects occasionally explode instead of being transported. Tweak and I agree that we definitely need solve the second issue before attempting to transport any animals or possibly ourselves. Actually, that first issue is also rather important. Don’t want to transport to the past and then get trapped there.

I have named the new device the Pulsed Modulation Dual Frequency Trans Linear Time Wave Synchronization Device. Tweak calls it the time thingy.

From The Journals of Thaddeaus Shockpocket Book 3.

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